Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering for five or a celebration for five hundred, Universal Party Management will create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Special events management has been our passion for years and we have helped many customers see their dream vent become a reality. Our specially designed event management services packages can be tailored to fit your unique needs and can be adjusted and added to as needed to make sure your needs are met. Personal service, attention to detail, and creative design are the trademarks that we bring to every event.

You dream big and we can help you make it happen. We will work with your vision and your budget and provide you with the best of our creativity, professional expertise, outstanding organizational abilities, and deep knowledge of resources and contacts. We have years of experience working with event management services and understand how important your big day is to you and we are ready and able to help you bring it to life and make it a reality. Understated or over the top, formal and extravagant or fun and laid back you decide, we will bring it to life. You want the very best -an event to be remembered, memories to be cherished, and special events management that is stress free. UPM offer this and so much more!


Our Services Include:

  • Event Budgeting-we will work to help you stay on track and get the most bang for your buck
  • Master Production Schedule-this is so everyone know where to be and what they are supposed to do
  • Housing Management- we will work with the venue to confirm all plans for the event
  • Audiovisual- we can help set up video, music, and other features for your event
  • Production- our skilled team will handle every step of the planning and implementation process
  • Food & Beverage- give yourself one less thing to worry about and let UPM handle food and drinks
  • Meeting Space Management- this is so you can focus on other things and leave the planning to us
  • Entertainment- let us find the perfect entertainment with our specialty in event management services
  • Signage & Décor- if you are looking for something specials we have you covered
  • Photography/Videographer- let us book someone to preserve those special moments for you
  • Transportation- if you need help with this we are here to help you too
  • Speaker Logistics- let us book the perfect speaker to make your big event the best that it can be
  • Amenities & Gifts- say thank you to your guest with door prizes and gift baskets
  • Travel/Transportation- if people are coming in from out of town we can help you with this need too
  • Receptions, Banquets, Awards Ceremonies- from larger or small groups we can make it work for you
  • Off-site special Activities/Tours- go offsite and hold all day events and we will be right there
  • And much more.

To request event availability & pricing or to get more information on our event management services, click here or Call us at 786-440-5619