Pedestal Fans

Our Pedestal fans are ideal for outdoor or Tent use for anyone in need of continuous air movement for ventilation and cooling.

PORTACOOL® portable evaporative cooling units are amazing products, fully developed in 1992 that offer many exciting and versatile options for cooling when standard air-conditioning may be unavailable, impractical or cost prohibitive. The units operate at a fraction of the cost of conventional air-conditioning and are capable of cooling thousands of square feet 20° F. or more.

Drape can be a functional design aspect as well as an aesthetic décor item. UPM can bring your fantasy dream to a reality budget, and yet achieve the look worthy of a royal wedding.
Setting the scene for the day that will forever remain in your heart is our pleasure and passion. No detail is too miniscule, and no wish is too extravagant. Embrace the simplicity of having your wedding offerings and begin envisioning desires met to perfection. By entrusting your important day to us, be assured that every detail is addressed in our quest to maintain a legacy of everlasting memories.
This innovative photo booth lets your guests draw on the screen and drag & drop virtual props and stickers to customize and decorate their photos before printing and sharing on social media. It’s the most interactive photo booth software on the market and a must have for any type of event.
Sketch Booth is reinventing the photo booth. It allows you to provide a truly interactive experience for your guests that they haven’t seen time and time again.
The killer feature of Sketch Booth is its screen drawing. Immediately after taking their photo, guests are able to draw on the screen with their fingers to personalize their image. Their photo is the canvas and they can get creative as they want with different brush sizes and colors.
If you’ve ever sat through a long winded PowerPoint presentation, you know that clip art makes everything better. Ok, not really, but in Sketch Booth it’s true. In addition to drawing on their photos, guests can add, hats, moustaches, accessories etc… Drag, drop, rotate, resize.
Sketch Booth has built in green screen removal. Use the built in scenes or customize it with your own. You can even let the user select their own backgrounds.
Thanks to Instagram, everybody loves filters and Sketch Booth has them. Let users choose from Color, Black & White, Sepia and a variety of Instagram inspired vintage filters.
Have you considered a social media photo booth for your next event? Here at UPM we’ve perfected the art of live photo booth social media integration. Want your event photo strips to seamlessly post to a Facebook Page? No problem! How about featuring images on your company’s Twitter feed? We can do that too. Not to mention supplying all of your guests with the ability to share their personal pictures via social media and e-mail on-site.
After the event, all of the digital photos and photo strips will be posted to an online gallery for you and all of your guests to view. (Don’t worry it can all password protected) Our galleries offer free downloads as well as print studio integration so if it’s the physical object you’re after we got you covered. We’ve integrated our photo galleries with simple social media sharing buttons making it easy for you and your guests to share images.
Looking to drive some additional interaction with your corporate or trade show photo booth? Maybe a little social networking buzz? We’ve mastered that as well. We can provide on-site email list building directly though our photo booth. We can also setup systems to help drive Facebook and Twitter engagement during your event.
The Social media option can also be added on to any of our other Photobooth Rentals!