Miscellaneous Items

Our Pedestal fans are ideal for outdoor or Tent use for anyone in need of continuous air movement for ventilation and cooling.

PORTACOOL® portable evaporativecooling units are amazing products, fully developed in 1992 that offer many exciting and versatile options for cooling when standard air-conditioning may be unavailable, impractical or cost prohibitive. The units operate at a fraction of the cost of conventional air-conditioning and are capable of cooling thousands of square feet 20° F. or more.

Drape can be a functional design aspect as well as an aesthetic décor item. UPM can bring your fantasy dream to a reality budget, and yet achieve the look worthy of a royal wedding.

Setting the scene for the day that will forever remain in your heart is our pleasure and passion. No detail is toominiscule, and no wish is too extravagant. Embrace the simplicity of having your wedding offerings and begin envisioning desires met to perfection. By entrusting your important day to us, be assured that every detail is addressed in our quest to maintain a legacy of everlasting memories.