Dance Floors

“Your dancefloor is the single, largest, and most central focal point of your event. Your dancefloor is also where the most important pictures are taken, the greatest joys are shared, and the most memorable moments are created. We can provide you with a dancefloor that will compliment your decor, accentuate your theme, and remain a part of your guest’s fondest memories of your special occasion – from the moment they walk in, through the very last song…”

Choose from one of our many sizes of standard dancefloors, which include wooden oak dancefloors, solid white dancefloors, ebony black dancefloors, and even checkered dancefloors as well!

Looking to add some glitz and glamour to your event? Take it up a notch with one of our spectacular LED Dancefloors.  Our specialty dancefloors are sure to command the attention of your guests as soon as they enter the room!

This should be with each corresponding photo and should be setup like the concessions section or games

Our most economical wooden dance floor system offers unparalleled quality and performance anywhere a beautiful, high-performance and easy-to-install dance floor is required.

Choose this stunning white dancefloor to add beauty and elegance to your event. Our solid white dancefloor is available in multiple sizes, and is a popular choice amongst brides and grooms for wedding receptions.

Our solid black dancefloor adds a bit of flair to your event, and is the perfect addition to any black tie affair.

Our checkered dancefloor introduces a classy, fun look to your event, and is sure to turn heads.