2017 Hair Color Trends!

2017 Hair Color Frenzy   Seeking the “Natural” Look? Ready to envelop yourself in richer more vivacious hair color?! Well let us tell you about your fascinating option! Henna! – Where did it originate? Henna originated in Pakistan, Africa, India and the Middle East. Henna is a plant, its leaves are ground into a fine red powder that is used to stain the hair, skin and nails naturally; no chemicals! So how does it color your hair? By depositing onto […]

2017 Men’s Hair Trends!

2017 Men Hair Trends you must know about! Shaved heads? Why not?! For the most part this look is considered a more severe or dramatic look that approaches the “bad boy” disposition. There is much to achieve from the sophistication and punch from the all over look. There is surely no going back once those clippers get to work! The positive?! Once it is gone you can forget about the potential hat-hair or bad hair day dilemmas that come about! […]

Planning a party?!

Planning a party? So, you have the title of party planner, party host, or some other fun title in which allows you to make sure that everyone attending has the time of their lives! Talk about making lasting memories, huh? Well, whats a guaranteed hit? A photo booth of course! Traditionally enclosed, Open Air, Inflatable LED fun?! How could you possibly go wrong? Answer? You can’t! Let us provide you some suggestions that may help in making the decision for […]

Top Ten !!

Karaoke Songs Top 10   Here are some fun song suggestions that are most often sang at Karaoke! If you have suggestions for us we can add them on! Let us know!   Killing Me Softly by The Fugees Bitch by Meredith Brooks Like A Prayer by Madonna Hey Ya by Outkast 500 Miles by The Proclaimers Love Shack by B-52 Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen Drop It Like It’s Hot by Snoop Dogg Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus Buddy […]

Karaoke Fun Facts

Love Karaoke? Can you relate to these 7 facts? Are you a karaoke lover? Do you have it on your daily calendar one time, two times, three times a week? Pre-prepare your song choices? Do the Karaoke DJ’s know you by name and then question as to why you were missing a week or two straight? Then we think this may be more than a on the whim the bar just happened to have karaoke kind of thing for you! […]

Shine a little light on your party!

Light Tower Anyone? Universal Party Management is known for our ongoing growth and expansion, as well as our excellent customer service. So what fun add-ons do we have to inform you of now?! Well, if you’ve got a big event or festival that you are preparing for we have the items to help make it an absolute success! That’s what you’re looking for right? Then listen up! We now offer generators and light towers to assist with power and lighting […]

Need to warm up?

Outdoor Patio Heaters Will it or will it not benefit your patio You are probably thinking, we live in Florida, what could we possibly need a heater for? We know, crazy right? It is typically always hot in Florida, but we do have the benefit of a couple cooler days. Now, if you’ve grown up here you know it can get pretty darn chilly, and your northern’s don’t worry, you’ll get on our level after a couple of years down […]

Happy Fourth of July

What am I really spending per guest?

Yes, we know that you’re hearing you need to set a budget.  We’ve told you that ourselves…. And you might be saying, “How can I possibly pick a budget when I have no idea what things cost?” Valid point…and we understand. Without the details of what venues and vendors may cost (thats another blog)….consider these ‘per person’ factors. Each guest will most likely receive: An Invitation (with postage) and perhaps a save the date card A meal of some kind […]

8 Things You Should Know About Addressing Your Wedding Invitations

We’ve been doing wedding invitations for some time now, and there are a few faux pas that we feel pretty strongly about: 1. Don’t use pre-printed labels on your invitations! Either hand address them yourself or use a calligrapher. Using a calligraphy font on your computer is acceptable. 2. Address your invitations to whom you are inviting. If you don’t want to have the children invited, then don’t add their names to the invitation. For example, address it only to […]